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Welcome to Stara Zagora

Dear Reader, Let me through this investment brochure introduce you very briefly to the history and the present development of my hometown to which I have the honor to be the Mayor.

Zhivko Todorov
Mayor of Stara Zagora Municipality

The City of Stara Zagora is a cosy and vital city, located in the central part of Bulgaria, EU. It has 8000 years of history and Neolithic Dwellings museum exhibiting remains of human life on our land from that time.

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Why Stara Zagora

Stara Zagora Facts

972 m €
Direct foreign investments
GDP per capita
Population of working age
Number of students in secondary education
Number engaged in mechanical engineering

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Transport connectivity and

Geographical location

The central geographical location of the region of Stara Zagora is a prerequisite for turning it into a crossroad through which between the east, western, northern and southern parts of Bull

Stara Zagora District has a convenient transport to the largest airports in the country:

  • Plovdiv International Airport - 90 km.
  • Burgas International Airport - 180 km.
  • Sofia International Airport - 250 km.

Stara Zagora District has convenient transport access to the following ports:

  • Port of Burgas - 180 km.
  • Port of Ruse - 235 km.
  • Port of Alexandroupolis - 300 km.
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