09 Jan 2023

Stara Zagora actively works with class "A" investors

About 10 large companies have shown investor interest in Stara Zagora and the region in the past year, reported Rositsa Raykova, head of the "Investment department" of the municipal administration.

We are working very actively with two European companies, and they are expected to be certified as investor class "A" It is expected that they will invest BGN 50-60 million and create jobs for nearly 900 people.
Most often, companies from the automotive sector show interest in the region, and one of the two companies is in this sector, explained Raykova.

There was also great interest from another large investor from Germany, which is ready to create jobs for two to four thousand people. The company liked Stara Zagora, but for now it has frozen its investments, because of the crises that hit the world markets, explained Rositsa Raykova.

Rositsa Raykova added that investors are mainly looking for built-up land and premises, with ready infrastructure, a good location, access to the highway, and very high-speed Internet. All this is available in the region, it works well together with the Zagore Industrial Zone.

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