01 Nov 2023


Digital4 returns to Stara Zagora for a third exciting edition, which will take place on November 10 and 11 at the Stara Zagora Cultural Center. Traditionally, the theme of the conference examines the trends in online commerce for the coming year. The event promises useful information, positive emotions, opportunities to create valuable contacts and, last but not least, innovations in the format that will make the overall experience of the visitors even more exciting. The city of lime trees will welcome some of the proven and successful representatives of the digital industry in Bulgaria. The program includes lectures and discussions, in which representatives of businesses, advertisers and specialists will take part, who will share invaluable practical advice and give guidance in the trends for the coming year in the field of digital marketing and online trade.

The program of the third edition of Digital4StaraZagora - Trends in Online Commerce 2024 is created in the form of a book of sorts that will unfold the four main chapters in eCommerce: Chapter 1 "Platforms and Technologies", Chapter 2 "Content Creation", Chapter 3 "Marketing and Promotion" and Chapter 4 "Fulfillment, Logistics and Customer Service". For the first time this year, the organizers have prepared another interactive format that will bring additional added value to the visitors. After the end of each chapter, an online marketer will take the stage for an interview to tell the audience about their experiences, challenges along the way and the story of how they overcame them.

The event aims to benefit all types of businesses – from startups, through companies that do not yet have an established online presence, to large companies that are leaders in the eCommerce sector. Visitors will learn the trends for the year 2024 in advertising and promotion in Meta - Facebook, Instagram, TikTok, as well as the novelties of online trading platforms. The focus of the program will be the creation of a marketing plan - determining the audience, budget allocation, successful strategies, as well as the psychology of the user - How can our activities be more successful?

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