17 Apr 2024

"Get to know Stara Zagora up close"- introducing the students of Sofia University to the opportunities for career development and realization

An event organized by the municipality of Stara Zagora in partnership with Sofia University and business representatives from the region was held in Meeting Hall 1 in the Rectorate of Sofia University, who presented the students with opportunities for career development and realization in the city.

The event was opened by the Deputy Rector of Sofia University, Prof. Sonia Mileva-Bozhanova, who pointed out that for the first time such an initiative is being held, aimed at young people, students at Alma Mater, revealing the possibilities for professional realization in Stara Zagora and the region. She expressed the hope that such initiatives will develop and cause more and more interest.
Prof. Mileva-Bozhanova pointed out that the mission of Sofia University is not only to educate its students, the future drivers of our economy, but also to support the local development of regions and active municipalities such as Stara Zagora. She emphasized that the city is putting in a lot of effort so that young people can stay, feel satisfied in a place where they are welcome.
The students met with Rositsa Raykova, head of the  "Investment, energy efficiency and green transition" department in the municipality, they also talked with representatives of leading companies and users of personnel who work in the municipality of Stara Zagora such as Regiocom and "Zagorka".
The event provided the students with an opportunity to build contacts in the professional environment, learn about the opportunities for career development in the field and familiarize themselves with the current challenges and opportunities offered in Stara Zagora.
During the meeting, the students learned about the development of the city, innovative projects and initiatives that the Municipality of Stara Zagora is developing, investment opportunities and startup entrepreneurship. Local businesses presented their career opportunities and internship programs. The graduates of Sofia University also learned more about the tourist attractions of the region, as well as the opportunities for entertainment and entertainment.

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