20 Sep 2022


An investor from Lithuania chose Zagore Industrial Zone to develop a start-up production of specialized technology in the service of the food industry.

Thanks to it, the processing of a wide assortment of food products will be realized while preserving their qualities and properties. Through a QR code containing information with the characteristics of the product, it will be treated in the best way. The technology is with an eye on the modern, fast-paced everyday life, with attention to the increasingly popular habits of healthy eating and daily life. The foreign company's investment intention is related to expanding its activities and diversifying production with new products, as well as conquering new markets.

Stellas BG Ltd. intends to purchase products from local and regional producers. In the initial stage, the production will be for export only. At the moment, the company doesn`t have a representative in Europe. The investor has made his own surveys and inspections of sites in various cities in the country, stopping at Stara Zagora and the "Zagore" area. The availability of communications, the proximity to road connections and the well-organized industrial environment are among the advantages that direct him to realize production in the city of linden trees.

The municipal councilors of Stara Zagora, as well as the shareholder "National Company of Industrial Zones" EAD, gave their consent and after a competition, the actual sale of the land was carried out. "Several high-tech industries have already chosen Stara Zagora and Industrial Zone "Zagore" - another serious request for the future positioning of our city and its consolidation as a place for business, scientific and development activities in various fields. Thanks to the stable indicators so far and the good investment climate in the city, we have a perspective for growth and sustainable development. This is the result of the targeted efforts of Mayor Zhivko Todorov, the "Investments" department, as well as our team," emphasizes IZ "Zagore".

To date, the areas in the industrial zone have been realized at 90%. The infrastructure is fully built, several changes were made at the request of specific investors. Industrial zone "Zagore" is a joint project of the Municipality of Stara Zagora and "National Company of Industrial Zones" EAD. On the territory of the zone, 8 companies are implementing their investment projects. Two of them are at the final stage of their construction, and the rest are in the design stage.

The industrial zone covers an area of ​​115 decares and is primarily aimed at the development of small and medium-sized enterprises, as the plots are between 5 and 15 decares in size. The requested investments exceed BGN 40 million, and about 300 jobs have been created or are about to be created.

The ambition is to acquire new land, which will give perspective to companies looking for larger areas.

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