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Stara Zagora is one of the most developed economic centers in the country with leading Bulgarian and south-eastern European companies in the field of mining, energy, mechanical engineering, electronics, food industry, woodworking, textile and automotive industries. The city's economy is among the leaders in terms of value of the production produced and attracts a relatively large volume of investment. With more than 311 thousand inhabitants we have enough qualified human capital for your business. Stara Zagora has a very good potential for the development of R&D activities, automotive, ICT and agriculture sectors.

For more information, check out our brochures and analyses to discover more information about Stara Zagora region, and learn more about the investment environment and opportunities to invest in our region.

IT and outsorsing sector profile

The IT and outsourcing sector brochure will give you general information about the population and labor force in Stara Zagora district. You will learn more about the profile of the secondary schools, the Trakia University, and the spoken foreign languages in the city. The brochure also has information about the investment environment in Stara Zagora district, the average monthly gross salary, and connectivity with the airports in the country.

Human capital of Stara Zagora

In the analysis, you will find basic information about the human capital of Stara Zagora. You will learn more about the demographics in the region, the size of the population, the gender balance, and the education profile of the students. The brochure also will give you information about the labor supply, the average annual number of employees by economic activities, and the wage levels in the region.

Discover Stara Zagora region Revealing investment environment and potential opportunities

In the brochure “Discover Stara Zagora Region” you can learn more information about why you have to invest in the region, about the location and connectivity of the city with the closest Airports and Sea Ports. You will learn more about the structure of the local economy including the Automotive sector in the region.

Stara Zogara - a green, modern and dynamic European city

The brochure gives general basic information about the location, number of settlements, and the population in the region. You can learn about the municipal policy, the quality of life, and cost-efficiency in doing business.

Stara Zagora - medical hub in the south-eastern Bulgaria

The brochure gives information about the advantages that our region offers to the investors, about our location and connectivity to the biggest cities in Europe, and about the education and human capital, and health sector. You can learn more about industrial property prices and those for office rents, the major investors, and digital transition policy.